How fan films shaped The Lego Movie

The 2014 film was an animation task — but it had been built around the legacy of homemade fan movies.

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Whenever you watch instances of the Warner Bros. type of Lego movies, you will naturally be struck because when realistic the animation is. It is not quite traditional stop motion — however it sure appears to be if it may be. That’s largely because of the work from the animators at Animal Logic, a Sydney-based visual effects studio which has labored around the Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie, and also the approaching The Lego Ninjago Movie. Operated by live action filming techniques along with a close focus on detail, the studio helps reinvent what Lego animations look like. However they owe lots of that aesthetic towards the influence of fan films. Because the early 1970s, enthusiasts make videos using their own Lego sets. They are known as Brickfilms — and they have developed into a big community producing great movies and helping many youthful animators obtain start. The Lego Movie animators learned from what made individuals videos so great by embracing the constraints from the medium, and developing a world that anybody could could rebuild in your own home.

Take a look at a few of the Brickfilms we demonstrated within this video:

The Special Moment Portal:

Journey towards the Moon:

Matrix 2003:

Monty Python and also the Ultimate Goal in Lego:

Tapporalli 2020:

Predator Montage:

ONE: An Area Journey:

Krieg der Steine:

Batman Begins Montage:


The Exorcist Brickfilm:


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How Fan Films Shaped The Lego Movie
How Fan Films Shaped The Lego Movie
How Fan Films Shaped The Lego Movie
How Fan Films Shaped The Lego Movie

How Fan Films Shaped The Lego Movie

How Fan Films Shaped The Lego Movie

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